The purpose of the Lawrence Hamnett Soccer Association is to develop, promote, govern, and perpetuate the game of soccer for the youth of Lawrence Township, NJ. It is our goal to provide a soccer environment that stresses a relaxed, fun-oriented approach

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Resources for Players


Lawrence Hamnett encourages coaches to support specialized goalkeeper training and will offer, most seasons, weekly training sessions that encompass the economical coaching model. Sessions will utilize simple to complex progressions that reinforce both technique and tactics while pushing the physical component and staying positive to foster high self-confidence in the young keeper.

For Registered Competitive and Development Players
Goalkeeper Training is in Village Park (Spring 2018)
Thursdays at 6pm to 7:15pm (Starting TBD)

Goalkeeper training is run by Paul Blodgett and Dave Pekarek, of the Paul Blodgett Goalkeeper Training School.  The sessions are designed to be progressive, so it is highly recommended that players consistently attend the training to get the most benefit. 

There is no additional cost for currently registered competitive and development team players.

Players shoud arrive 5-10 minutes early so the sessions start on time, ready and prepared for the activity that they will be participating in (i.e. - wearing GK gloves and any other equipment they personally require for the activity).


For additional information on Summer Camp and Year RoundTraining Programs


Lawrence Hamnett provides the following 8-week curriculum as a guide to coaches who wish to incorporate GK training into their season plans.

Download the Goalkeeper Training Curriculum

Download the Goalkeeper Warm-up Guide

The curriculum covers the four pillars of goalkeeping:

Technical: hand-eye skills, diving, crosses, 1-v-1
Tactical: decision making, angle play, organizing defense/set-pieces, restarts
Physical: proper warm-up, foot mobility
Mental: leadership, self-confidence, staying focused

Paul's curriculum places emphasis on three key areas to maximize the player's effectiveness at the goalkeeper position:

1st "off your line"
By playing off the goal line, the goalkeeper is:

  • engaged in the game
  • ready to intercept and smother a thru ball
  • able to better communicate with defense

2nd "ready position"

  • always be in the 'ready position'
  • shuffle to follow the movement of the ball

3rd "talk"

  • command the 18-yard box with a loud voice
  • communicate and direct your teammates
    • keep players goal-side of the attacking players
    • mark-up on corner kicks, including goal posts
    • make walls on free kicks
  • an organized defense makes goal keeping much easier
  • congratulate players on good plays and communicate mistakes