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Lawrence Hamnett Soccer Association

Lawrence Hamnett Soccer Association


Be prepared and bring the things that you need to games and tournaments. 

Prepare a team bag  that contains the following:

  • Players and Coaches Passes (Laminated) -these pass cards readily available for the referee inspection each game and tournament. 

  • Game Card/Game Day Roster

  • Referee Fee (Click here for the League referees fees are)

  • Copies of Official Team State Roster

  • Emergency/Medical Forms

  • Supplies- if possible carry an extra set of jerseys in case someone forgets or gets blood on their jersey, both black and white tape to alter jersey numbers, scissors, pens and Band-Aids.  I usually have ice and my own first aid   kit with supplies as well.


Lawrence Hamnett Soccer Assocciation
P.O. Box 6844 
Lawrence Township, New Jersey 08648

Email: [email protected]